At American Restore, we specialize in waterproofing your valuable flooring and structural members so that you can stay operational regardless of climate or other factors beyond your control. Our highly trained technicians will help minimize the effects of moisture on your concrete, leaving you to deal with the more important day-to-day operations at your place of business.

American Restore commercial services use various technologies to ensure that the concrete and solid surface flooring in your business is always in the best shape possible. Using technologies such as chemical resistant vinyl-esters, polyaspartics, novolacs, urethanes, epoxy and urethane mortars, our technicians are able to professionally give your floor a seal that will keep out moisture that will damage your floor and leave you needing repairs.

In business for over 30 years, we understand that when it comes to your business, there is no room for cutting corners. We have the expertise and top of the line technologies that will protect your floor and keep it looking, and performing great for a long time.

Cracked or spalled concrete can mean that you must close up your business while repairs are being done, making your business suffer. At American Restore we know how important it is to make sure the flooring in your business is properly sealed and built to withstand your operations to ensure maximum life expectancy.

A properly installed floor in your business means that you can focus your attention on your daily operations, instead of worrying about fixing the problem. We use a wide variety of technologies and methods to ensure that water cannot gain a stronghold on your business by utilizing our highly trained staff, while using the best products for the job.

At American Restore, we specialize in making sure that your new decking is completely sealed and devoid of a place for water to settle in, as well as offering the highest level of quality for repairing those areas that may have already been damaged by moisture.

 Whether your commercial deck structure is wood or concrete, has swelling, cracking or any other form of water damage, American Restore is the very best solution for your commercial decking restoration or protection needs, we are the company that so many area commercial establishments trust.

We employ several different technologies to ensure that those areas that are likely to become damaged as a result of the elements such as water and sun are well protected so that you can focus your energy on running your business, and not dealing with time-consuming repairs.

Diagnosing the underlying cause of a crack is an important step in the repair process. With over 30 years of experience, American Restore will design a lasting solution to correct the symptoms as well as the cause.

We offer a variety of professional services that are designed to fill in those damaged areas of crack repair that are designed for your specific needs. By utilizing our skilled technicians and our high quality services, worrying about cracked concrete will be something you will not have to worry about any longer