In an industrial setting, it is important to make sure that you tackle problems before they arise. Parking garages, warehouses, mills, factories and any other type of industrial architecture can quickly run into major problems when faced with the realization of water damage on the hard surfaces of the structure.

At American Restore we understand that on projects like these, there is not any room for cracks to show up and lower the structural integrity of the building. With an investment this big, we understand that you cannot have delays due to these problematic issues that can arise.

To keep your industrial project running smoothly and to ensure a high quality end result, we offer a variety of personalized services depending on your exact needs at the construction site. Our team is highly trained and capable of sealing those surfaces with the most cutting edge methods and technologies available today.

With regular wear and tear and moisture in the air, the flooring of an industrial building such as a warehouse or mill can begin to crack, scuff and even begin to lose the important grip those employees and customers depend on for their safety.

When this happens, it is important to look at the newest technologies and methods to ensure that when you choose to have the flooring coated that you are making the right choice for the type of structure in question.

We have the most qualified team around, using the most technically advanced solutions to ensure that the flooring in your industrial compound not only functions great and is safe for daily use, but also looks as great as it did when it was new.

Having cracks in the concrete of your industrial business can post a wide variety of hazards that can cost you a lot of money. A crack in your concrete structure can mean water intrusion, and where there is water in your concrete, there could be bacteria growing potentially causing problems for your employees or customers who must walk on the surface each day. Not only that, but large cracks in the concrete can be a danger in themselves and a huge liability.

Cracks in the concrete can often times be a signal for something else happening within the concrete. If water has seeped in and caused the actual structure to become compromised, this could lead to structural failure down the road.

The solution to these problems is to find the right company to treat the problem at the source and prevent future cracking and other concrete deformities from occurring again.

Our industrial concrete crack repair offers you a long-lasting solution that will keep your budget in mind, as well as the integrity of the structure at hand. Using a variety of methods and technologies for crack repair, we will make sure that your flooring, walls and ceilings are safe and ready for business in the shortest amount of time possible.

A concrete structure can become weakened over time with cracks and swelling caused by water and other moisture. Not only can this weaken the structure, but it can also cause harmful health issues for people, such as bacteria and mold growth.

Given enough time exposed to these elements, the only solution can sometimes be total replacement of damaged areas. At American Restore we can help you determine the best plan of attack before it gets to that crucial point however.

By using the latest technologies and materials to fight moisture from taking a stronghold on the valuable concrete and solid surface flooring in your structure, American Restore will make sure your business keeps going despite the effects of water and the hassle that it can cause; without costing you a fortune.

Built to withstand the toughest conditions, our proven flooring system features specialty aggregates and unique cement technology. We have partnered with the industry’s largest concrete material suppliers to offer innovative and durable heavy-duty flooring solutions.